Brimstone Western Film by Joseph Kane

Brimstone is a 1949 American Trucolor Western film directed by Joseph Kane and written by Thames Williamson. The film stars Rod Cameron, Lorna Gray, Walter Brennan, Forrest Tucker, Jack Holt and Jim Davis. The film was released on August 15, 1949, by Republic Pictures.

Brimstone Film Poster

Ruthless outlaw Pop “Brimstone” Courteen and his three sons, Nick, Luke and Bud, steal $10,000 from a stagecoach and are followed by Sheriff Henry McIntyre. After McIntyre, who is secretly working for the Courteen gang, allows them to escape, he returns to his office in the town of Gunsight. There, he is suddenly attacked by the Courteens, who try to take his money belt. They are prevented from leaving, however, by lawman Johnny Tremaine, who has also been tracking the gang. Later, Sentinel editor Martin Treadwell offers $1,000 for information leading to the gang’s capture. The gang then dynamites the safe at the Gunsight Hotel, while McIntyre charges three innocent hotel patrons, Martin, Calvin Willis and Ed Winslow, with the crime. On his way to jail, Willis tells McIntyre that his replacement, U.S. Marshal Greenslade, will soon arrive in town. Several more robberies are committed by Bud, who acquires the nickname “The Ghost.”

After McIntyre accuses him of being The Ghost, Johnny agrees to become a deputy and help them search for the money. As Greenslade rides into town, a shootout erupts, during which Greenslade is mortally wounded by Bud. Before he dies, Greenslade returns fire, hitting Bud in the left shoulder. Bud then returns to his fiancĂ©e, homesteader Molly Bannister, and assures her that the stolen money is well hidden. Meanwhile, Brimstone arranges an alibi for Bud by instructing Nick to go to the neighboring town of Cottonwood. There, Nick begins drinking in the saloon and tells a patron named Dave Watts that his name is “Bud Courteen.” To attract attention away from himself, Bud accuses Molly’s brother Todd of being The Ghost. Later, Johnny notices the bullet hole in The Ghost’s shirt, which was found after the attack. Johnny travels to Cottonwood and asks Dave if he has seen Bud. Believing that Nick is Bud, Dave goes to warn Nick that Johnny is looking for him. Johnny then sees Nick, who tries to draw his gun. Johnny, however, pulls out his own gun and kills him in self-defense. Molly is upset about Bud’s death, until Brimstone informs her that it was actually Nick who was shot. Later, at his hideout, Molly tells Bud that Johnny found the bullet hole in his shirt and knows that The Ghost is wounded. Just then, Johnny breaks in, sees Bud’s shoulder and arrests him. After Bud is sentenced to a year in prison for murder, Brimstone becomes obsessed with revenge. He lures Johnny back to the Cottonwood Saloon, so that Bud and Luke can shoot him, but the unexpected arrival of Johnny’s friend, Art Benson, prevents the attack. In order to keep Brimstone, who is against his son marrying a homesteader, from interfering with their romance, Molly decides to elope with Bud, who has reformed. Brimstone and Luke see them get into a stagecoach and follow them, but Johnny shoots and kills them. Sometime later, Bud and Molly are married.

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